Alexandre Bonvin


Alexandre Bonvin

My studies in the United States and at the London School of Economics as well as my experience within our Family Office, Investis Group, allowed me to acquire and develop a strong entrepreneurial spirit and various skills in Real Estate, Private equity and Business Administration. 


Once back in Switzerland, in my native Valais, I bought KissKiss, a company specialized in sex toys, and founded Audacia Group in 2018. As a private investment firm with global reach and specializing in ecommerce, Audacia’s mission is to support the acquired entities in their further development and growth. My goal is to create a center of expertise in technology, ecommerce and digital marketing at the Swiss and international level. I am always looking for promising and profitable SMEs to acquire and integrate into the Audacia Group structure.


Establishing and growing my company in Valais has enabled me not only to get closer to my roots but also to adopt another way of life, both personally and professionally. The canton of Valais has an unparalleled quality of life, perfectly compatible with the Slow Life I want to lead. I can then move forward with my various projects with peace of mind while taking time for myself, without getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of the business world.

Establishing Audacia in Valais also means contributing to the canton’s attractiveness. It’s necessary to maintain and create jobs in the region and to try to attract digital talent, who are often more attracted to other Swiss or international cities.

"Curiosity and consistency are the fuel needed for the marathon of entrepreneurship."

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