Alexandre Bonvin

Enable the long-term development of promising e-commerce brands

@Anna Ellouk Photographe

Alexandre was on the set of BFM Business for the JMLECO show. He shared with the journalist Nicolas Doze the driving force behind Audacia.

Unlock the full potential of e-commerce entrepreneurs

Alexandre appeared on the CNEWS program “Ils font l’actu” to explain how Audacia works.

Swiss Who’s Who NextGen Awards 2023

Watch Alexandre’s intervention at the SWW NextGen Awards 2023 where he won the audience award!

The Swiss holding company that acquires businesses

Alexandre was invited to Edouard Clerc’s podcast “L’After” to talk about Audacia and his business.

“Les Entreprises à succès” by Forbes

Alexandre was interviewed by Jessie Claire as part of Forbes France’s “Les Entreprises à succès” program, talking about Audacia’s growth and business model.

E.A.T #3 : From burger to blockchain

As part of his new series “Entrepreneurs à Table”, Romain Losey of La Bouche qui Rit in Lausanne welcomed Alexandre to talk about entrepreneurship, innovation… and a bit of food !

UBS Growth Talk #4: Reconciling Family and Business objectives

Alexandre and Daniel Levy, co-owner and director of Regent Lighting, discuss the new challenges created by the close link between family and business.

Tokenization of shares: a way to finance your start-up or SME?

Alexandre and Sébastien Dessimoz, co-founder of Taurus, were the guests of the InnoVibes conference organized by The Ark Foundation.

As a world first, he transformed his company in digital tokens

The Swiss media Watson conducted an interview with Alexandre about the tokenization of Audacia Group’s shares.