Alexandre Bonvin

Audacia Holding: Nurturing Promising E-Commerce Brands

The success in building the Audacia Group and expanding the potential of various e-commerce platforms operating in niche industries worldwide.

Investing in Innovation: Alexandre Bonvin’s Master Plan for E-Commerce Dominance

The founder and CEO of Audacia Group is reshaping the market with his game-changing strategy.

The Revolutionary Steps of Alexandre Bonvin’s Audacia Group

Swiss innovator and entrepreneur Alexandre Bonvin is solving several e-commerce challenges with his groundbreaking Audacia Group.

Swiss Visionary: Alexandre Bonvin’s Rise to E-Commerce Dominance With Audacia Group

With Audacia, Alexandre has taken e-commerce in Switzerland to new heights. Despite its impressive growth over the years, Audacia has only just begun to change the world of e-commerce.

From finance to e-commerce: the visionary journey of Alexandre Bonvin

With a finance and real estate background, Bonvin understands what people want and how to give it to them. His journey is an inspiration to those interested in starting a career in e-commerce.

He turns ice hockey players into sexy Santas

Alexandre dressed the players of his local ice hockey club in sexy warm-up shirts. A successful marketing coup?

Navigating the E-commerce Wave: How Alexandre Bonvin’s Audacia Group Mastered the Game

Alexandre made it his mission to navigate the tumultuous waves of the e-commerce industry, steering his firm to the forefront of the industry

2023 Panorama of entrepreneurs in French-speaking Switzerland

This year again, Alexandre has been featured in Bilan Magazine’s “Panorama de l’entrepreneuriat romand – 40 ans” !

Featured in the Daily Mail

How Audacia Group founder and CEO Alexandre Bonvin’s unique ability to adapt and innovate made him an e-commerce tycoon… selling everything from adult toys to hoodies to stickers.

Acquiring and consolidating promising digital businesses

Alexandre and Audacia appear in PME Magazine’s “IT & Digital” documentation. This content aims to inform and support Swiss companies in their major digital transformation projects and to present solutions to the challenges they face.