Alexandre Bonvin

Investing in Innovation: Alexandre Bonvin’s Master Plan for E-Commerce Dominance

The founder and CEO of Audacia Group is reshaping the market with his game-changing strategy.

The Revolutionary Steps of Alexandre Bonvin’s Audacia Group

Swiss innovator and entrepreneur Alexandre Bonvin is solving several e-commerce challenges with his groundbreaking Audacia Group.

Swiss Visionary: Alexandre Bonvin’s Rise to E-Commerce Dominance With Audacia Group

Despite its impressive growth over the years, Audacia has only just begun to change the world of e-commerce.

From finance to e-commerce: the visionary journey of Alexandre Bonvin

With a finance and real estate background, Bonvin understands what people want and how to give it to them. His journey is an inspiration to those interested in starting a career in e-commerce.

He turns ice hockey players into sexy Santas

Alexandre dressed the players of his local ice hockey club in sexy warm-up shirts. A successful marketing coup?

Navigating the E-commerce Wave: How Alexandre Bonvin’s Audacia Group Mastered the Game

Alexandre made it his mission to navigate the tumultuous waves of the e-commerce industry, steering his firm to the forefront of the industry

2023 Panorama of entrepreneurs in French-speaking Switzerland

This year again, Alexandre has been featured in Bilan Magazine’s “Panorama de l’entrepreneuriat romand – 40 ans” !

Featured in the Daily Mail

How Audacia Group founder and CEO Alexandre Bonvin’s unique ability to adapt and innovate made him an e-commerce tycoon… selling everything from adult toys to hoodies to stickers.

Acquiring and consolidating promising digital businesses

Alexandre and Audacia appear in PME Magazine’s “IT & Digital” documentation. This content aims to inform and support Swiss companies in their major digital transformation projects and to present solutions to the challenges they face.

Named in the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30

Alexandre was named in the prestigious Forbes Europe 30 under 30 list for Retail and E-commerce. Check out his profile !